Country Homes Nurse Practitioners - "Working together for the health of our patients"

From left to right: Joan Zimmer, Staci Duncan,  James Pittman, Rhonna Lee


Here at Country Homes Nurse Practitioners our patients are our family and we believe they should be treated as such. Our independent Nurse Practitioners strive to give each patient the best individualized care possible.

  • We offer a wide variety of routine and specialty testing as well as work with an extensive network of providers.
  • We have an established after-hours call group for those times when there is an urgent but non life-threatening need. If you have a condition requiring hospitalization, we also have agreements with hospitalists who will care for you during your hospital stay.
  • We firmly believe that it is important to treat patients as individuals.
  • We advocate routine wellness exams and provide education to help maintain and improve your over all health and well being.
  • We feel compassion and laughter play an important role in an effective therapeutic relationship.
  • Our office adheres to strict federal and state HIPPA guidelines to protect your privacy.
  • We appreciate and respect your right to express any concerns you may have regarding your medical care.




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